Twitter may soon introduce a Shorten button

Twitter continues to pack its web interface with features. Now, it seems the microblogging site may soon introduce a Shorten button, to be located next to the Tweet button. Shorten is a URL shortener. Enter a URL and click the Shorten button to convert long URL into a shorter link (yes,

The button is gone now; it only appeared for a few minutes and quite surely an accidental exposure. (And unfortunately, I didn’t manage to screenshot it.)

Location of the Shorten button

Back in June last year, Twitter outlined its direction: “It should be easy for people to share shortened links from the Tweet box on” Shorten button is a step in that direction. I wish the URL shortener can behave like Tweetdeck’s, where URL is automatically shortened. But I assume such implementation will put extra burden on its servers.

Anyway, it’s about time for the appearance of the Shorten button. It makes a whole lot sense, especially for regular Twitter web users like myself.

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