Path launches With app to gain more traction in mobile photo sharing

Path, creator of the private photo sharing mobile app, releases a brand new app called With. The With app is designed to let users to share their activity – who they are with and what they doing (The “who” can be people, bands, brands, etc.). The app will automatically search Twitter and display Twitter avatar of those you’ve added to your With post.

Update can be in the form of text or photo. For photo, there are filters (some free, some paid); the same set filters you’ll find on Path application. With app is closely coupled to Twitter. Before you can start using the app, you have to connect to your Twitter account. Anything your posted on With will be automatically posted to your Twitter stream; each tweet contains description of your activity, your friends as mentions and link to photos (if any).

It also comes with a sort-of ‘friendship’ indicator, depending on how many times you are ‘with’ someone. The more times you tag someone in With postings, you will progress from ‘Good Friends’ to ‘Best Friends’ to ‘Close Friends’ status with him/her. Like any other social network, the app allows you to follow interesting people and Like beautiful photos.

Path and With applications have different use cases. Path app is for a more private sharing of moments; With is for public sharing. And the With application is probably Path’s bet on a more ‘conventional’ social photo sharing space.

Nevertheless, I must say the Path team is brilliant when it comes to encapsulating a simple idea into a beautifully functioning app. Both Path and With applications are real fine apps.

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