Forest Fables App Retelling the Timeless Malaysian Classics on iPad

Malaysians who grew up in the late 70s and 80s would probably remember the animated stories by Filem Negara centering around the adventures of Sang Kancil and his pals (see here, here and here). Now, Terato Tech, one of the hottest startups in Malaysia, has taken the initiative to re-tell these classic stories in an exciting new medium: an iPad app.

Called Forest Fables, the app is similar the Apple’s iBook app, where you can purchase titles to fill your Forest Fables library. At present, three titles are available; Sang Kancil and the Crocodile, The Vengeful Fox’s Bitter Lesson and The Crow and the Vain Pigeon. The first two titles can be bought via iTunes in-app purchase, while the third is available for free download.

Forest Fables on iPad

Not only are fables beautifully illustrated and presented in an interactive format, they each also come with Bahasa Malaysia and English narrations with subtitle options. You can toggle the subtitles on and off. This app is obviously targeted for kids but those longing for a bit of nostalgia (like myself) can enjoy this too.

Narrating the Fables

More titles will be available for purchase hopefully, and kudos go to Terato Tech for producing such a polished app and keeping these tales timeless.

Beautiful Illustrations of Forest Fables

Download the Forest Fables app.

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