Tourism Malaysia Hits Back at Critics, Explains RM1.8 Million Social Media Campaign

Facing criticisms in social media space for its RM1.8 million budget for developing and maintaining its presence on Facebook, Tourism Malaysia issues a media statement today.

According to the statement posted on its Tourism Malaysia Facebook Page, the RM1.8 million is to undertake six tourism event campaigns on social media platform. The campaigns are Citrawarna 1Malaysia, 1Malaysia Malaysia Mega Sale/Malaysia Year End Sale, Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia, 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism contest, 1Malaysia Green and Clean Campaign, and Fabulous Food 1Malaysia.

The scope of the RM1.8 million social media project:
1. Technical
1.1 Dedicated hardware deployment
1.2 Software licensing
1.3 Front end applications
1.4 Application Server engine

2. Development of six (6) campaigns which requires:
2.1 Flash games engine
2.2 Flash programming & coding
2.3 Creative Development and Design
2.4 Campaigns Ideas and Concept
2.5 Front-end Flash Design
2.6 Testing and Debugging

3. Campaign Promotions
3.1 Digital advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook
3.2 Contest, Page Wall and Tourism Fanpage Content Management
3.3 Collection and management of Database

Although the creation of Facebook Page is free, but ideation (concepts, creatives) and execution (development, implementation and maintenance) works are not free. Tourism Malaysia cited other countries as examples: Philippines Tourism Department is allocating RM7 million for Facebook marketing in 2011 and Australian Tourism Board is going to spend AUD150million over the next three years on social media.

Tourism Malaysia set the following targets for its Facebook Fan page:

  1. An average of 20,000 fans per campaign
  2. Minimum 120,000 fans by the end of December 2011

IMHO, the 120,000 fans by year-end target is quite uninspiring, considering the number of campaigns Tourism Malaysia will run and the amount of Facebook Ads/Google Ads they will buy. By year-end, I’m not sure the Page can even make into the Top 50 Facebook Pages in Malaysia list.

By the way, a protest Facebook Page is going to overtake already surpassed the official Cuti-Cuti Malaysia Page, in total Likes. Will the protest Page gain 120,000 fans by end of December 2011?

Media Statement posted on Tourism Malaysia Facebook Page

media statement social media campaign by tourism malaysia

Protest on Facebook
Curi Curi Malaysia Facebook Page

“Tourism Ministry” Trending Last Night with Protest Tweets

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