Facebook Page Protesting Tourism Malaysia RM1.8 Million Social Media Spending Surpassed 120,000 Fans in 5 Days. Now What?

One of the KPIs set by Tourism Malaysia for its Facebook marketing campaign is 120,000 fans for Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia Facebook Page by end of December 2011. BUT a protest Facebook Page called Curi-Curi Wang Malaysia, created on June 14 2011, has reached the 120,000 fans mark (at 11.17 pm GMT+8, June 19 2011). That’s 120,000 fans gained over a period of just 5 days.

Curi-curi Wang Malaysia Facebook Page with 120,000 Fans

Curi-curi Wang Malaysia Facebook Page 120,000 fans

A few points to ponder:

  • The 120,000 fans target set by Tourism Malaysia is grossly uninspiring. The social media agency should have more confident and set a higher target. Now, this can be a potential embarrasment for Tourism Malaysia, since the protest site can easily garner 120k in just 5 days!
  • No doubt, people on social web have tendency to gravitate toward provocative and anti-establishment causes. Other than Curi-Curi Wang Malaysia, there is another popular anti-establishment Page, 1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower, with almost 300k fans. To gain insane number of fans in shortest possible timeframe, you should, well, sensationalize.
  • Nevertheless, it’s hard to see how this protest Page will significantly affect the Tourism Malaysia’s decision on the RM1.8 million social media campaign. The 120k will just provide non-lethal ammunition for critics.

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