foursquare: From Zero to 10 Million Users in 28 Months


foursquare just surpassed the 10 million users mark. It was only in February this year the location-based social network closing in on 7 million users.

Interesting nuggets from the new foursquare’s infographic:

  • Time to reach the 10 million users mark: 28 months (March 2009 – June 2011).
  • Check-ins outside US: 358 million
  • Venue Mayors ousted each day: 78,237
  • Ratio of “Yay!” to “Ugh!” globally in foursquare shouts: 6-to-1

foursquare latest infographic Click to enlarge
foursquare 100 million users

Check out the animated version of the infographic.

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