Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone Leaving Twitter for Obvious Reason

First co-founder Jack Dorsey left Twitter to start Square. Then, Evan Williams stepped down as CEO and Jack came back as Executive Chairman. Now, Biz Stone is leaving Twitter. This is yet another signs of maturing Twitter and according to Stone’s blog post, “it has come to my attention that the Twitter crew and its leadership team have grown incredibly productive.”

Stone will be relaunching The Obvious Corporation, together with Evan Williams and Jason Goodman. Stone will also focus on nonprofits activities – schools, The Biz and Livia Stone Foundation – and also, serving the Twitter advisory boards.

After Odea, The Obvious Corporation was formed and Twitter is one of the projects undertaken. Twitter Inc. was formed in 2007 with Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stone as co-founders. According to the Stone, the relaunched The Obvious Corporation plans “to develop new projects and work on solving big problems aligned along a simple mission statement: The Obvious Corporation develops systems that help people work together to improve the world.”

Looking forward to another blockbuster from these guys!

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