Soundtracking Facebook, Twitter and Google+

For no apparent benefits, I’m attempting to capture the nuances of these three popular social networks – Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – by soundtracking them. Each has its own characteristics, feature sets, community behaviors, dynamics, and social norms.

Twitter wants to be The Pulse of the Planet. It is a useful tool to broadcast real-time happenings to reach mass audience and also for one-on-one conversations. At any one point in time, you can get some sense of the happenings around you and elsewhere in the world by skimming through your tweets or by looking at the Trending list. So, What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes should be the theme song for Twitter.

On Facebook, you’re likely to add people you know – family, real-world friends, colleagues and acquaintances. To some extent, it does feel cozy on Facebook. These days, it’s probably the most frequently used virtual place to stay in touch with the people you’re close with. For that, the intro theme of the 80s sitcom series Cheers, Where Everybody Knows Your Name, nicely capture the essence of Facebook.

Google+ is the new kid on the block. Yes, it’s new and looks promising, with some interesting interpretation of social networking experience. But it’s hard to judge its long-term potential and its growth trajectory. Many early users are excited about it (including this author). To capture the current euphoric phase of Google+, I’m So Excited is apt.

What are your choice of theme songs for these social networks? Let us know what you think below.

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