Tweckbot Helps to Expose Personal Information of Perodua Car Owners on Twitter

Malaysian second largest car maker, Perodua, is heavily leveraging Twitter in its ongoing initiative Tweckbot, which is Malaysia’s first tweet-based car check service. The service is free for all Perodua car owners.

Tweckbot team moves from one location to another in Klang Valley, between 28th July 2011 and 10th August 2011. The current where-and-when of the Tweckbot team will be posted on Twitter @MyPerodua. Those within the vicinity of the team’s current location can request for the free car check service. Car owners are required to tweet @MyPerodua their address and mobile number. Effectively, people are publishing publicly their home addresses and mobile numbers.

An Example of User Tweeting Address, Mobile Number to MyPerodua

First of all, I think Perodua should be applauded for the interesting use of Twitter to deliver value to its customers. The unintended consequence of this good intention is the violation of privacy. The car maker needs to further refine the implementation of this initiative. A simple solution (maybe): Perodua follow those who requested for the car check service and thus, allowing them to Direct Message their address / telephone number.

On Facebook, Perodua marketing tag says “Now The Price of A Car Check: A Tweet.” Or more aptly, “Now The Price of A Car Check: Your Privacy.”

Tweckbot Promotion Message on Perodua Facebook Page

UPDATE: It is now necessary for users to Direct Message their addresses and telephone to Tweckbot, as commented by Perodua below. Kudos!

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