Slosht Sex Up Nightlife by Deep Slashing Alcohol Prices

Like other hundreds of group buying deals sites, Slosht offers attractive discounts for its customers. But unlike the other deals site, Slosht introduces group buying concept to nightlife experience. The group buying deal site negotiates deep discounts for alcoholic beverages with bars, nightclubs and alcoholic beverage companies by guaranteeing sales of X number of drinks for one specified night.

People pre-order their drinks and when a minimum order is achieved, the party is on. A day before the event, buyers will receive redemption codes via SMS and email. At the party venue, buyer uses the redemption code to get his drinks. Currently, the service covers the Klang Valley areas and is founded by Chak Onn Lau, who is also the founder of Foldees.

The Slosht beta launch party is on August 18 2011 at Bakita. The inaugural Slocht deal is Glen Grant 16yo Single Malt Whiskey selling at RM228 and the normal price is RM495. That’s 54% discount and no doubt, a steal! (CEO of MOL, Ganesh K Bangah, posted on his Facebook mentioning about his birthday bash also at Bakita on August 18 and it is shaping up to be a Sloshtful night).

Slosht can make its community of drinkers more, errm, intoxicating and living up to its tag no one drinks alone. Say, once the party (or deal) is on, buyer can plan party with their buddies via group invite and messaging features on Slosht website or mobile app. Also, buyers can earn bragging rights (i.e. Dude who’ve saved RM1000 on Slosht, Hardcore Sloshter) and “shout” them on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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