Twitter’s Image Sharing Service, Yet Another Nail in Third-Party Services’ Coffin

On June 01 2011, Twitter announced the release of “a feature to upload a photo and attach it to your Tweet right from” The feature is finally available on my Twitter today.

Previously, users have to use third-party photo upload apps like Twitpic, Twitgoo, yfrog and many others. Now, users can directly upload image on interface. Images are hosted on Photobucket and appear as links – “…”. The maximum size of each image is 3MB. Twitter will remove Exif data of the uploaded photo to address privacy concerns.

There will be a gallery soon where your followers can see all the images you’ve shared on Twitter, including those posted via services such as Twitgoo and Instagram.

Image Posted via Twitter Image Sharing

Twitter is delivering 350 billion tweets a day and millions are sharing pictures. Twitter is rushing to tap into the rising popular of photo sharing, particularly on mobile. In coming weeks, users no longer need third-party services to post images on Twitter mobile app.

The creation of Twitter experience ultimately involves a total control of user experience and assimilation of features (previously offered by third-party services). During its early days, it was hard for Twitter to figure out what work, what doesn’t, what’s promising. By adopting the platform strategy, it can use the ecosystem of third-party services as the company’s R&D labs. Based on the various ‘experimentation’ in the ecosystem, Twitter assimilate the successful and useful features, either through acquisition i.e. Summize (search) and Bagcheck (lists) or integration i.e. auto URL shortener.

The high concentration of innovation in the ecosystem are seeping through the membranes of corporate Twitter. This leads to the extinction of some services within the ecosystem. As long as Twitter continues to grow its user base, the ecosystem will rejuvenate by attracting new breeds of services. Symbiosis, virtually.

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