Levi’s Facebook Page: Globalized Platform, Localized Updates

If you visit the Facebook Page of one of the world’s coolest brands, Levi’s, you’ll see only localized updates on its Wall. For example, Facebook users from Malaysia will read updates on Malaysian offers, new arrivals and other local news. At a glance, Levi’s Pages seems like a local Facebook Page.

Many global brands such as McDonald’s and Coca-Cola maintain both global and local Facebook Pages. For instance, the global version of McDonald’s Page and the local ones like McDonald’s Malaysia and McDonald’s Singapore.

Levi’s adopts a consolidated approach, whereby it maintains only www.facebook.com/levis as its Facebook presence. No local Pages. To enable delivery of relevance contents, the company creates a globally consolidated platform to manage the Page. Local Levi’s teams access the platform to post updates and these updates are geo-tagged. On Facebook Page, it is set to display the tagged updates based on Fans’ locations (via IP-detection). I’m assuming such implementation requires customizations on Facebook end.

While consolidating the management of its Facebook Page, Levi’s is still able to deliver highly engaging localized contents. This is one of the best setup of Facebook Page I’ve seen.

Levi’s Facebook Page, as seen by Malaysian Fans

UPDATES: Levi’s transitioned to the globally consolidated platform in early July 2011. Also, Levi’s did work closely with Facebook for this implementation.

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