Mobile9 Delivering 100 TERABYTES of Mobile Contents Per Month

On Mobile9 website, there are 30 million monthly unique active users downloading a whopping 100 Terabytes of mobile contents each month. No doubt, the 100 Terabytes volume is rather impressive, considering video portal TonTon is streaming 300 Terabytes of video contents per month and Mobile9 users are consuming 1/3 of TonTon’s data volume just by downloading mobile contents.

Anyone can download contents off Mobile9. Out of the 30 million active monthly active users, 9 million are registered members. Majority of the users are from India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines and also, Germany and the US.

Malaysia-based Mobile9 has over 1.6 million free mobile contents – apps, wallpapers, ringtones, screensavers, etc. To date, the site has registered over 11 billion free downloads. The mobile contents sharing portal also has an impressive 600 million impressions a month!

Essentially, Mobile9 aims to enable a better contents and apps discovery experience for users of today’s leading mobile operating systems. It acts as a platform agnostic intermediary between content creators and content consumers, targeting the Asian region.

Content creators can post free contents on Mobile9; only registered users can post contents. Non-registered and registered users can download for free the contents various popular handsets, namely Apple, BlackBerry, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC, and LG. The most popular platforms are Symbian and Android; Apple iOS is showing impressive growth. The company generates most of its revenue from online ads.

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