Malaysian Tech People, Ignore the Computing Professionals Bill 2011 Unless…

Since yesterday, Malaysian tech people (including general public like myself) are complaining, griping, and opposing the proposed Computing Professionals Act 2011 on social media – blogs, tweets, Facebook updates, Google Plus, and others.

BUT, if one didn’t skip Page 6 of the widely circulated draft version of the proposed Computing Professionals Bill 2011 (shown below), it is stated that the proposed Act “applies to the Critical National Information Infrastructure (CNII)”.

What’s CNII? It refers to “those assets, systems and functions that are vital to the nation that their incapacity or destruction would have a devastating impact on National economic strength or National image or National defense and security or Government capability to function or Public health and safety” (page 7 in the Bill).

So, with my minimal knowledge of legal / legislation matters, I would say this Act DOES NOT cover ALL Malaysian tech people (contrary to many assertions, including mine). Unless you’re developing mission-critical systems to support the Malaysian economy, defense, public health and safety, this Act is probably of no relevance to you.

Malaysian website developers, Groupon cloners, Android apps developers, iOS game developers, e-commerce store operators, and many tech startup entrepreneurs, you are indeed safe from the “draconian” Computing Professionals Act 2011. You can now safely forge ahead and change the world.

But if you think the proposed Act sucks, you can voice your concerns during the Open Day Board of Computing Professionals Malaysia session at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation next Tuesday and/or support this online petition.

Computing Professionals Bill 2011 (Draft)

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