New Twitter Design: Tightly Coupling Web and Mobile

Twitter just unveiled its latest interface iteration. It now neatly arrange into four key sections – Home, Connect, Discover and Me.

  • Home The landing page where you see all the tweets of those you’ve followed. And I like the fact that photos and videos are now embedded directly in the Tweet streams.
  • Connect Here you can see your Interactions and Mentions. Previously, “Interactions” is known as “Activity” and “Mentions” is known as “@[your username]” on Twitter web. These two are now available on mobile apps.
  • Discover Discovery is a cornerstone for Twitter. For users to discover interesting and relevant stuff, Twitter is extending beyond “Who to follow” and Trends listing. It introduces Stories to enable users to discover interesting news and information. Stories are personalized news stream, based on user’s current location, what she follows and what’s happening around the world.
  • Me This is Twitter personal profile, redesigned.

This isn’t an exciting upgrade. It mostly involves re-arranging and re-organizing Twitter features into new containers. However, Twitter is getting thumbs up from me for enabling full Twitter experience on mobile apps. Previously, the Twitter mobile apps are scaled-down version of the full Twitter web version. Now, whatever you get on the web, you can get them on the apps too.

You can now see the new Twitter design on both iOS and Android apps. The web version will be made available over the next few weeks.

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