The Problem with IKEA Malaysia Facebook Page

This is a pretty meager matter but it can be quite annoying if you start to mull over it.

IKEA Malaysia is celebrating Chrismas on Facebook with its “It’s Time to Celebrate” app. The app is accessible via its Facebook Page. The following illustrates how IKEA currently setup its Facebook Page to welcome new fans (specifically, those who haven’t Like the Page yet):

Step 1: A new fan goes to

Step 2: The fan will see “Request for Permission” page:

Figure 1: Request for Permission

Step 3: Click “Allow” and land on a Likegate page.

Figure 2: Likegate

Step 4: Click “Like” to see thes “It’s Time to Celebrate” page.

Figure 3: Afterlike

Step 5: The fan clicks the Afterlike page image to go to IKEA – It’s Time to Celebrate Facebook app (

Figure 4: IKEA – It’s Time to Celebrate App on Facebook

As shown above, a new fan will see the Request for Permission first. Seriously, do you really want to welcome your new fans with a Request for Permission page? As a fan, why should I add the app without knowing anything about it other than the app’s name? Unless IKEA Malaysia is desperate to access the new fans’ personal details (name, emails, etc.), the setup simply adds friction to fan acquisition.

Instead of using the Permission page as the starting point, IKEA Malaysia should just direct its new fans to the Likegate page (as in Figure 2). This is a well established approach to increase fan count, among others (as Red Bull’s page below).

Another issue is the absence of detail about the “It’s Time to Celebrate” on the Afterlike page (see Figure 3). No clear instructions for fans. Click on the page image, it will bring the fan to the IKEA’s app (Figure 4).

Ideally, the Request for Permission page should appear after clicking the Afterlike page, before landing on the app. By this stage, fans know more about the Christmas promotion, ready to use the app, and should expect to see the Request for Permission page.

Undoubtedly, the “It’s Time to Celebrate” app is a nicely done app. If only the route leading to the app is nicely done too.

Figure 5: Likegate on Red Bull Facebook Page

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