Cyber Security = National Security

Malaysia’s over-reliance on foreign cyber information security software may open it to risks of information leaks and intelligence breaches, according to Prof Dr Ramlan Mahmod, the dean for the Computer Science and Information Technology Faculty at Universiti Putra Malaysia in an interview with Bernama today.

Hence the need for the country to produce its own cyber information security software.

Dr Ramlan added that at the moment, there is no software capable of checking the source code of software to ensure the software used is confirmed safe, which could lead to covert inflitration by such foreign software.

“The country needs to acquire ‘technical knowhow’ in information security and expertise in various fields such as computer science, mathematics and engineering,” he said. Dr Ramlan equated cyber security to national security as it involves many operational aspects such as prevention, defence, detecting, intelligence and attack. As such, he formulated, the government needs to play a major role to set up a strong system of cyber defence as it needs financial commitment, expertise, legislation and continuous monitoring.

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