3 Billion iPad Apps Downloads Leave Android In The Dust

iPad users have cumulatively downloaded an estimated 3 billion apps since Apple launched the hugely popular device on April 3, 2010, according to a report by ABI Research, a US-based market intelligence company.

It took iPad users took nearly a year and a half to reach the 3 billion downloads mark; iPhone users took as long as two years before being able to reach that level. In comparison, Android tablets only have around 440 million downloads thus far.

According to the report, Android still trails greatly behind the iPad mainly because Android tablets in the market are still using older versions of OS, which disadvantages users from enjoying the better effects of apps produced from more advanced software development kits.

Additionally, Apple’s iPad apps are generally considered to be of a better quality compared to Android tablet-specific apps. In Quarter 3 2011 alone, there were 120,000 apps specifically developed for the iPad.

However, ABI Research expects an impending shift in future, as more manufacturers are adopting the more advanced Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, and their concerted efforts to narrow specifications gap between their tablets and the iPad.

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