iPhone 4S Users are the “Hungriest” Data Consumers: Study

According to a new study by Arieso, owners of Apple’s new iPhone 4S are using almost twice as much data with their devices than iPhone 4 users, and almost three times as much as iPhone 3G users.

Michael Flanagan, the chief technology officer at Arieso noted that “I use the iPhone 4 myself and when I first heard of the iPhone 4S features I was not compelled to rush out and get one. However, the data usage numbers I am seeing make me wonder what I am missing.”

The report, which was covered by Reuters, indicate that this doubling in data usage may be due to increasing use of online services like the virtual personal assistant Siri, which was bundled with the iPhone 4S.

This is not necessarily a good thing though. Arieso warns that the capacity issues plaguing mobile operators around the world will worsen in 2012.

According to Flanagan, “The introduction of increasingly sophisticated devices, coupled with growing consumer demand, is creating unrelenting pressure on mobile networks”. Because of this, he suggests that the mobile industry needs new investment and new approaches to boost network performance and manage the customer experience.

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