Nando’s Malaysia Posted Its Punching Policy on Facebook

KFC Malaysia is still reeling from the blows from its punching-customer crisis. But don’t expect any sympathy from its competitor, Nando Malaysia. The restaurant chain, specializing in flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken dishes, tries to play on the current sentiment among social media users. The company just posted a poster on its Facebook Page, which says:

We’re Good at Punchlines, not Punches.

Ouch.. that hit the spot, if you’re in Team KFC.

Two hours on its Facebook Page, the post garnered 570 shares, over 100 comments and over 500 Likes. Currently, Nando’s Malaysia Facebook Page has 73,467 fans.

Some may find this distasteful and low blow. But a competitor’s misfortune might be a rare opportunity for a company to exploit and get its message heard in today’s increasingly noisy social media landscape. A cheeky little move like Nando’s might even goes insanely viral, and hence the use of Facebook’s social distribution to “broadcast” at low, low cost. After all, in social media, (sensational) contents matter.

UPDATE: 24 hours later with an additional 1,000 Facebook Page and…

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