Soul-Manifesting Hacking and Coding at Hackweekend 2012: Let’s Make Apps, Not War

This weekend is Hackweekend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hackweekend is a 24-hour challenge where technology community gather to build awesome applications over a single weekend, based on a particular theme.

The theme for the latest edition of Hackweekend is Make Apps Not War, where participants are encouraged to build applications and software that revolve around the theme of love. Whether it’s an app to assist peace talks between nations, or an app to help match you with single people who have similar interests as you, as long as it can fit within the theme somehow, participants are encouraged to build it.

“It’s all about how people connect in this day and age. Mobile phones give us fantastic new ways to be constantly informed on what our networks are up to, but inversely new barriers are formed that distract people from spending time together. This Hackweekend I hope to see ways of connecting people meaningfully” says Hakim Albasrawy, Director at Tandemic, one of the event organisers.

Previous Hackweekends have seen numerous successes and attracted attention from outside the technology industry. The first Hackweekend, themed around Gamification, saw the creation of 13 projects. One project, WorkPad, received a RM1 million investment. One of the applications built during this Hackweekend was TaxiMonger, an application that monitors and reviews taxis for better taxi service. The project received numerous recognition and won awards from sponsors AirAsia and Alt.Space. The app is currently being finalised and will soon be available for download.

The upcoming Hackweekend 3: Make Apps, Not War will be held at the National Science Centre, Mont Kiara, from March 31st to April 1st, 2012.


12:00 Networking and lunch
13:30 Opening keynote
13:45 Pitching
14:30 Team formation
15:00 Hacking begins
19:00 Dinner and lightning talks
20:00 Project updates
21:00 Hacking continues

01:00 Supper

02:00 More hacking

06:00 Breakfast

07:00 Final commit
09:00 Hacking closes

10:00 Demo time

12:00 Mingle with your audience

Interested individuals can apply to participate on Hackweekend website,

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