Four Giants Of The Internet Age

By on November 30, 2012

The giants of the internet age are Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, according The Economist. Each of these giants is a leader in specific product space(s) in the modern-day internet superstructure, in terms of market share and/or profits.

Each with competencies in a specific product spaces. But they are aggressively moving into each other product spaces:

Current product leadership: Search, online advertising
Moving into: Smart devices, apps ecosystem, social networking, cloud computing

Current product leadership: Apps ecosystem, smart devices, online media distribution
Moving into: media streaming, social networking, mobile advertising

Current product leadership: E-commerce
Moving into: E-books, media streaming, cloud computing

Current product leadership: Social networking
Moving into: Search, media streaming, e-commerce, online advertising

These unceasing movements are occurring partly because of the high degree of relatedness of today’s digital technologies. In the ever-expanding internet universe, synergistic convergence is the disruptive force.

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