Four Giants Of The Internet Age

The giants of the internet age are Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, according The Economist. Each of these giants is a leader in specific product space(s) in the modern-day internet superstructure, in terms of market share and/or profits.

Each with competencies in a specific product spaces. But they are aggressively moving into each other product spaces:

Current product leadership: Search, online advertising
Moving into: Smart devices, apps ecosystem, social networking, cloud computing

Current product leadership: Apps ecosystem, smart devices, online media distribution
Moving into: media streaming, social networking, mobile advertising

Current product leadership: E-commerce
Moving into: E-books, media streaming, cloud computing

Current product leadership: Social networking
Moving into: Search, media streaming, e-commerce, online advertising

These unceasing movements are occurring partly because of the high degree of relatedness of today’s digital technologies. In the ever-expanding internet universe, synergistic convergence is the disruptive force.

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