Introducing Addy, A Street Addresses Shortener For E-Commerce

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Addy, Inc., one of the companies under the Stanford’s StartX Incubator, has just launched a simple service for users to communicate physical locations.

This is not yet another social location-sharing site. Addy is also not trying to help its users to discover new places or people.

Instead, Addy tries to standardize the plethora of street address formats into the pervasive Internet addresses (URLs). The system creates a location webpage for each address of a physical location. Each URL can be customized to become more meaningful. And users can easily share street addresses in URL format.

The simplicity of sharing location on Addy is something lacking on Google Maps. Another map sharing site, aMap, is not as intuitive as Addy.

To create an Addy, place a marker on its map (built on the crowdsourced OpenStreetMap). The system automatically populate the address fields, based on where you have placed the marker. Users can add additional details such as delivery instructions and building color. It uses proprietary algorithms to combine crowd-sourced data from various locations APIs with its own dataset. Addy is currently working on its mobile app (though Addy’s URLs are already mobile-friendly).

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Businesses can subscribe to its premium package, which includes features like analytic, batch processing, access Addy’s geolocation data and embedded map plugin.

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Addy is a nifty tool for dispatchers and quick services restaurants and grocers offering home delivery. It is a viable replacement for the standard Address/Contact details form on websites. Addy provides richer and contextualized location information for a more efficient delivery.

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