Burger King Malaysia Website is Awful

The ‘Under Construction’ web page of Burger King Malaysia is one of the most awful pages I’ve seen in recent times. It is so “Web 0.5” and it bears very little resemblance to the Burger King’s main website.

Here are three ‘sucky’ elements, which I’ve highlighted in the screenshot below:

  • Logo – The logo used is not┬áthe current Burger King’s logo
  • Brand Tag – The “The Fire’s Ready” campaign was created by Young & Rubicam in 2004. It was an unsuccessful branding initiative and Burger King axed the creative agency after less than a year. The current tag adopted by Burger King is “Have It Your Way.”
  • Image – The burger image at the bottom is just plain bad. Period.

‘Under Construction’ Page of Burger King Malaysia

Burger King is the world’s second largest fast-food chain with more than 10,000 stores operating in over 65 countries. In Malaysia, there are over 20 Burger King outlets and the franchise-holder, Cosmo Restaurants Sdn Bhd plans to spend RM27 million (~US$8 million) over the next five years to open 50 more outlets across the nation.

For a fast-food giant like Burger King, I would expect a more presentable “Under Construction” page. The Web is over 10 years old and web designs have improved, leaps and bounds. Seeing such page design, especially by a global corporation, is quite mind-boggling. Burger King should just take the amateurish, poorly designed web page offline. Seriously, I just don’t see the page helping its branding infrastructure.

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160,000+ Following on Twitter

This can happen to you with your Twitter account if you have 160,905 Following. That is probably the highest number of Following I’ve seen on Twitter. Maybe that’s why Oozzl’s Twitter account is suspended “due to strange activity.” Oozzl is a social networking site, based in the Neatherland.

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“I am an employee of Exxon Mobil,” said Janet

Janet at ExxonMobil, the ‘fake’ voice of Exxon Mobil Corporation, said ‘she’ is an employee of the oil giant and “has decided to put forward her pride in her own company.” Any response to this, Exxon Mobil Corporation?

Screenshot of Janet’s latest tweet:

Twitter Page of “Janet at ExxonMobil”

For background on “Janet at ExxonMobil, read here and here.

UPDATE: The account changed its name to Not_EMC.

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Fake Voice of Exxon Mobil Corp Still Tweeting

On July 29 2008, Janet of Exxon Mobil Corporation surfaced on Twitter (see Exxon Mobil on Twitter). On August 02 2008, the true identity of Janet is revealed by blogger Jeremiah Owyang (read here). Six hours after the revelation, the fake voice of Exxon Mobil is still tweeting. The latest post is about 38 minutes ago.

Screenshot of ‘Janet at ExxonMobil’ Twitter Page

Somebody needs to tell Janet of Exxon Mobil (@ExxonMobilCorp) that the show is over. But it’s a free country on Twitterville and let’s see how Exxon Mobil Corporation will respond to this.

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Exxon Mobil on Twitter

This morning, I received an email with subject line “Janet at ExxonMobilCorp is following you on Twitter.” Yes! Exxon Mobil Corporation, the world’s largest oil company and second largest in Fortune Global 500, is tweeting. Its first tweet:

Hi there, I’m Janet, one of a few Community Evengilist at ExxonMobil Corp. I’m here to answer any of questions from this twitter community.

Here’s a screenshot of Exxon Mobil’s Twitter page:

Janet is conversing on issues related to Exxon Mobil. As to why on Twitter, she wrote “we’re working hard on building a strong relationship with the twitter community.

Besides Twitter, the corporation is also establishing a social networking component for their website. It’s interesting how a large organization like Exxon Mobil navigates the social networking realm. At least now, customers of Exxon Mobil can converse with someone ‘friendly’ from the organization and this is making the corporation less impersonal and distance. Hat off to Exxon Mobil Corporation for this small step forward.

UPDATE (August 02 2008): Four days later, the real identity of Janet of ExxonMobilCorp is revealed. The person DOES NOT represent Exxon Mobil Corporation. In other words, the person is a fake. Read more here.

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Please DO Disturb Us

This morning, I found this door tag lying on the sidewalk (see below). I’m quite accustomed to see DO NOT DISTURB tag but this tag comes with PLEASE DO DISTURB US. Quite an “interesting” way to welcome people to walk-in your retail outlet.

Photo taken with Motorola Q9h

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