Uncaging New Twitter for chirpier tweeting and greater monetizing opportunities

Twitter is making its website a destination portal, after all. Its latest significant redesign focuses on enhancing tweeting experience and creating more commercialization opportunities on Twitter.com. Key changes include:

  • New design. The site has a cleaner timeline and a rich details pane that instantly adds more impact to individual Tweets while still maintaining the simplicity of the timeline. And, experience infinite scroll — you no longer have to click “more” to view additional Tweets.
  • Media. Now, it’s easy to see embedded photos and videos directly on Twitter, thanks to partnerships with DailyBooth, DeviantART, Etsy, Flickr, Justin.TV, Kickstarter, Kiva, Photozou, Plixi, Twitgoo, TwitPic, TwitVid, USTREAM, Vimeo, yfrog, and YouTube.
  • Related content. When you click a Tweet, the details pane shows additional information related to the author or subject. Depending on the Tweet’s content, you may see: @replies, other Tweets by that user, a map of where a geotagged Tweet was sent from, and more.
  • Mini profiles. Click a @username to see a mini profile without navigating from the page, which provides quick access to account information, including bio and recent Tweets.

(Source: A New Twitter)

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Smart transmitter in social media vs dumb receiver in mass media

social mesh“Total fans on Facebook” or “total followers on Twitter”, for example, are some of the key performance yardsticks, when it comes to social media. Numbers are good but really, brands are still thinking of social media as traditional mass media. In the mass media, size matters the most (hence, the word ‘mass’). In the crudest sense, brands should assume its audience as smart transmitter in the social media space. In mass media world, there’s only dumb receivers (most of the time).

In social web universe, you’re a smart transmitter:
– frictionless access to social technologies;
– social media designed for engagement;
– social media is more able to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time (rightcast);
– size does matter but influence matters more;
– delivers both reach (audience) and richness (interactivity and content richness).

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Maxis Unveils Its Platform Play

Maxis, leading cellular provider and exclusive iPhone distributor in Malaysia, just launched its mobile applications marketplace, 1Store Developer Sentral. The 1Store (the name most likely aspired by 1Malaysia) will feature Java/Symbian-based mobile applications. Developers (individuals and companies) can now register at here. And the applications are available to over 11.4 million Maxis and Hotlink subscribers. Maxis is using its existing billing infrastructure to charge subscribers for downloading applications from 1Store. It is opening up its billing APIs to both purchases and in-app micropayments. Developers will then get paid via funds transfer (for local developers) and TT (for foreign developers).

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AirAsia the First Airline with 100,000 Fans on Facebook; Southwest Will Be the First with 1,000,000 Fans

On the morning of December 9 2009, AirAsia became the first airline in the world with 100,000 fans on Facebook. This makes the award-winning airline the most popular Malaysian brand on Facebook; also, one of the top Asian brands, in terms of Facebook fans. The airline with less than 50,000 fans in August this year. In 4 months or so, the airline organically grew its fan base and surpassed the 100,000 mark. However, within a day, the 100,000 mark is surpassed by US-based Southwest Airlines.

Fans Growth of AirAsia Facebook Fan

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5 Things You Probably Already Know About Social Media Use

Here’s some of observations about the use of social media (and as shortcut, social media is myopically defined as Twitter and Facebook):coke_bottle

  • Twitter, a water cooler chat. Facebook Page, a community canvass. On Twitter, people want to interact with you e.g. complaints and ideas for product improvements. Unless you are a news organization like CNN and The Economist or a celebrity like @Alyssa_Milano, @The_Real_Shaq and @BritneySpears, it’s hard to get away with just tweet-casting without being called inept user of social media. On Facebook, your community want to interact with you AND among themselves. So, it’s relatively easier to get away by not interacting with your fans. Facebook Page can be used by fans as a community wall, for public display of affection towards a brand. In essence, it provides user-created online context for fans to connect with one another, share thoughts and propagating the allure of the brand.
  • Social media is interactive. So, be inventive. Toys r’ Us uses its Facebook Page to “to distribute coupons, announce unadvertised deals and solicit feedback.” Others used social media to announce arrival of new products e.g. fresh bakes from oven @AlbionsOven. Some use it effectively as a broadcast tool e.g. @cnnbrk. Depends on needs and context, social media can be used to support your brand building infrastructure or obtain customer feedback or source for talents or ..
  • Easier to grow community on Facebook than Twitter? It depends. Coca-cola has the most popular Page on Facebook, with over 4 million fans; on Twitter, Coca-Cola is followed by only over 12,000. It’s the reverse for JetBlue Airways.
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A Good Use of Twitter List by P1

p1Using Twitter List, Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, or P1, created ‘a complete list of everyone on P1 and GP‘ who are using Twitter. This is one of the interesting uses of List by a Malaysian company. For P1, it is probably a first step for something more interesting. This reminded me of Zappos’s Employee Tweets page. Like Zappos, P1 can start leveraging on its employees to engage and sustain relationships with customers and prospects. Malaysian mobile service provider, DiGi too is already doing it. In Social Media Club – Kuala Lumpur meeting #1, Azizi Jennis (Head of Online Services, DiGi) mentioned about DiGi leveraging on its employees to evangelize its brand name.

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I Don’t Use Windows, IE and Bing BUT I Don’t Think Microsoft Will Give a Shit

windows_7_logoToday is the launch of Windows 7. I don’t think I’ll purchase a copy, as I’m still enjoying the Mac experience. But I don’t think Microsoft will really care much. Let’s look at these stats:

  • Despite being branded a failure, there are 350 million PCs with Vista.
  • Windows 7 been winning positive reviews.
  • Bing is gaining market share at 9% of search share. When Yahoo! started using Bing across its many properties, Bing’s search share could jump to 30%.
  • Despite the economic downturn, Microsoft can still afford to spend $9 billion on research and development.
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Through My Window, I Can See A Silhouette of A Social Media Campaign

EveryoneConnectsA Green Day-esque song played on Hitz.fm radio this morning, titled Through My Window (click to play), with artist name undisclosed but DJ @rudyculously mentioned a website address, EveryoneConnects.net. On the website, there’s not much information except the MP3 file of the song (available for free download), together with the song lyric. Its “What’s the Buzz?” box is displaying Twitter updates stream. Also, there are links to its Twitter, Facebook and Friendster profile pages. And this phrase is seen at the bottom of the page, “Everyone Connects is about getting people to communicate & collaborate because when everyone’s connected, anything is possible.”

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Don’t Know Much About RoyalPlaza on Scotts Hotel But I Think They Serve Good Tweets

logobigSome companies get its right when it comes to conversing on Twitter. I’ve never experience the hospitality of the RoyalPlaza on Scotts hotel in Singapore. But on Twitter, I’ve some pleasant ‘conversations’ with @royalplazatweet. Late one night a few weeks ago, I tweeted RoyalPlaza to obtain its room rates. Shortly, I received a Direct Message from the hotel asking me for more details e.g. check-in date and duration of stay.  The next morning, the hotel tweeted me again with their best promotional rate. I’m pleasantly surprised by its fast responses.

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Snapshot of Social Networking in Malaysia

social networkingFacebook with 250 million users and these users are sharing over 10 billion photos. YouTube is streaming 1.2 billion videos a day, worldwide. The number of worldwide unique visitors of Twitter catapulted from 19 million in March 2009 to 32 million in April 2009 and each day, Twitter users are generating roughly 18 million updates. And according to comScore, social networking penetration rate worldwide was 65% in the month of May 2009, or 734.2 million Internet users across the globe accessing at least one social networking website during the month.

Malaysians love Social Networking too

There are about 16 million Internet users in Malaysia and IDC Research projected Malaysian Internet users will reach 20.4 million by 2012. In March this year, the number of Facebook users in Malaysia surpassed the one million mark. Kuala Lumpur SkylineRecently, a brief survey by YouthSays, Malaysia’s largest youth community website with over 160,000 members, showed 95% of a total of 900 respondents have Friendster’s account, 90% with Facebook and 38% with Twitter (This survey was presented at the recent Malaysian Media Congress 2009).

In Malaysia, the social networking penetration rate was 66.6% in December 2008 (see Table below), behind only to Singapore (74.3%) and South Korea (68%).

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