Tricubes secured RM5.3 million MAVCAP funding for MyEmail; MAVCAP goes “Huh?”

MyEmail service provider, Tricubes Berhad held a media briefing on Tuesday April 26 in a move to clarify the highly criticized project which was announced by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak last week.

During the briefing, CEO Khairun Zainal Mokhtar revealed that Tricubes had secured from venture capital – RM 5.3 million in convertible securities for the MyEmail project. The CEO was quoted by The Star as saying, “We have secured an initial investment of RM5.3mil from MAVCAP (Malaysia Venture Capital Management Bhd) and the balance will be funded through equity, debt or a rights issue.”

Yesterday, it was reported by The Malaysian Insider that MAVCAP clarified that its RM5.5 million investment was meant for the development of mobile solutions in Tam Tam Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Tricubes Berhad. That means, the MAVCAP investment is NOT for the MyEmail project. This revelation will no doubt intensify speculation over Tricubes’ financial health.

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10 Things You Probably Already Know about 1Malaysia Email

This is a list of 10 things we’ve learned about the 1Malaysia Email or MyEmail service:

  1. Types of information you’ll receive in your MyEmail Inbox: Income tax returns, Employee Provident Fund statements, notices of summons, driving license renewals, and quit rent payments.
  2. 1Malaysia Email project is to create “Malaysian Email“. According to Tricubes’ press release, “Malaysian Email” means the service is operated and hosted by a Malaysian company, and this is where Tricubes comes in.
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Tricubes issues statement on 1Malaysia Email as public dissatisfaction continues

Following the public furore over the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s announcement on Tuesday on the implementation of the 1Malaysia email accounts and the subsequent clarifications both by himself and by the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) yesterday, Tricubes Berhad, the company that was awarded to spearhead the project, issued a press release to further explain the much maligned 1Malaysia Email.

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1Malaysia Email with project description changed overnight

ETPThe description of the 1Malaysia Email project was changed on the ETP website overnight. On April 19, 2011, PEMANDU described the project as follow (emphasis added by GreyReview):

The 1Malaysia Email project is a government initiative in providing a unique and official email account and ID for the citizens of Malaysia.

This initiative will serve to allow direct and secure communications between citizens and the Government, as well as enhance the delivery of Government services to consumers and businesses alike.

Tricubes Bhd will spearhead the development of a web portal which includes an email account for all Malaysian citizens aged 18 and above. The web portal will serve as a one-stop centre for government services, providing value added services such as social networking, online bill checking and payment as well web development toolkits for citizen and businesses organization to creatively develop applications.

Today, the description of 1Malaysia Email is as follow (emphasis added by GreyReview):

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Government clarifies on 1Malaysia email accounts after online public outcry

Yesterday’s announcement by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak that a 1Malaysia email account will be issued to every Malaysian above 18 years of age has spawned online protests by the public, claiming that the latest 1Malaysia exercise is an unnecessary wastage of taxpayer’s money and an attempt by “big brother” to keep citizens in check.

A check by GreyReview reveals that most Malaysians have gone on to popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to vent their dissatisfaction, one example being the “1M Malaysians who don’t want Najib’s 1 Malaysia email” Facebook page, which is reminiscent of the online protest against Datuk Seri Najib’s announcement about the construction of the 100-storey mega tower project last year.

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RM50 Million 1Malaysia Email to provide official virtual ID for every Malaysians

The Government of Malaysia announced the 1Malaysia Email project, as part of its Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). The project will provide unique email ID to every Malaysian citizens who are 18 years and above.

The total investment of this email project is RM50 million by 2020. It will be spearheaded by Tricubes Bhd, in collaboration with Microsoft. The project will use Tricubes’ FUSION, which the company describes as “a middleware platform that provides a unified infrastructure to enable the implementation of applications based on the usage of smartcard and biometrics” and m2e (Mobile to Enterprise) middleware – “provides a messaging framework ( middleware ) for system integration by providing adapters that can interface to different back-end system platforms. The system connects to Microsoft Windows Live environment.

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