The Unofficial Guide to MSC Malaysia ICON Grant Application (Forms Included)

On August 04 2009, Malaysian PM announced the creation of the MSC Malaysia ICON grant programme, with RM12.86 million allocation (under the second economic stimulus plan). hello ICON The purpose of ICON is spur the creation of local online contents to support Malaysian broadband strategy.

The Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), custodian of the MSC Malaysia, will spearhead the implementation of ICON, with the ultimate aim of unleashing groundswell of vibrant and sustainable digital content industry in Malaysia. Currently, MDeC is inviting individuals and companies to submit project proposals for the ICON programme. Malaysians and majority-owned Malaysian companies are eligible to apply for the Grant. But, is it hard to apply for the grant? To answer the question, here’s our not-so-famous 3-step Unofficial Guide.

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