Facebook exceeds 100 million users in Asia; added 10 million users in October 2010

In the beginning of October 2010, there were a total of 92.1 million Facebook users in Asia. By end of the month, the figure has surpassed the 100 million user mark (specifically, 102.2 million). That’s an increase of 10.1 million users in a month or 10.9% month-on-month growth!

Indonesia continues to top the Facebook Population in Asia list with 29.8 million users. Although the country is fast approaching the 30 million user mark, the most populous Southeast Asian nation continues to show impressive 12.2% growth rate (the 10th highest among the Asian nations). During the month of October 2010, Indonesia registered the highest increase of % of Total Facebook Population in Asia, an increase of 0.3 percentage point, from 28.9% to 29.2% (India increased by 0.2 percentage point and Japan with 0.1).

Cambodia registered the highest growth rate at 24.6%, followed by Afghanistan (23.3%), Mongolia (19.7%), Japan (19.6%) and South Korea (18.9%). And Bangladesh joined the 1-million users group in October 2010. As of now, there are a total of 13 countries in Asia with over a million Facebook users.

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Blending social networking and e-commerce in Multiply Marketplace

Facebook is on a growth rampage in most parts of the world, but other social networks are crafting niche identities to define their competitive advantage and some are these not-Facebook social networks are thriving. For Multiply social network, it is in a sweet spot when it comes to social shopping. Now, Multiply Marketplace has over 41,000 merchants, mainly located in the Southeast Asia countries – Phillippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. These micro-merchants use Multiply to setup their online storefronts to take orders (and currently, payments happen outside Multiply network).

“We have only just begun to offer tools and support to the growing community of sellers and buyers doing business on Multiply,” said , president and founder of Multiply. “We now have the largest number of online storefronts in the region. Going forward, our primary focus will be to make the Marketplace the premier social shopping destination on the web, making shopping easier, safer, faster and more entertaining.”

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The Anatomy of #EveryoneConnects

connections_tmToday is the finale event of the Everyone Connects campaign by Telekom Malaysia (TM). The campaign revolved around a song titled Through My Window, performed by a local indie band, Bunkface. The song was released on October 19 2009 as a mystery song over the airwaves. During the past 1 month, it generated thousands of mentions on the social media space and also generated over 6000 user-generated versions of the song (audio and video). This campaign is both ambitious in scale and expansive in scope, designed to deliver a fresh narration to the TM brand. When it started, I predicted Everyone Connects as a social media campaign but it also involved the use of traditional media like TV, radio and newspapers. It delicately weave the online and offline activities to create a seamless brand experience. It involves several notable ‘firsts,’ in terms of tools and methods used. Anyway, here are the key moments of the Everyone Connects campaign:

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This Is NOT Your Plain Old Road Safety Campaign

Malaysians Unite for Road SafetyThe Malaysians Unite for Road Safety (MUFORS) website is created to raise the awareness of road safety. According to the Road Safety Department, a daily average of 18 are killed on Malaysian roads due to road mishaps!

So, the call-for-action MUFORS website invites users to submit their pledges; be the change agent. Pledges can be made in the forms of text messages (SMS), photo or videos. Those who made the pledges are expected to honor them on September 09 2009, designated as Malaysians Unite for Road Safety day. This road safety campaign comes with social media ingredients – YouTube, Facebook, news feed, rating and poll.

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