Promoted Tweets gain visibility on new Twitter for iPhone app

Twitter introduces Quick Bar in the latest version 3.3 of Twitter for iPhone app. The Quick Bar displays trending topics (and other updates), including Promoted Tweets. User can slide left or right to see the top 5 trending topics. These trends are based on your location. Local Trends feature is currently available in Argentina, Singapore, India, Indonesia, United States, Turkey, and 14 other countries. If you are in any of these countries, local trends will be shown. Or else, you will see the Worldwide trends.

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tab tab Opera Mini: how many is too many on iPhone?

The newly released Opera Mini offers an alternative web browser for iPhone users. Until the roll-out of iPhone 4.0, tabbed browsing is probably the closest thing to multi-tasking experience on the iPhone. Opera’s tabbed browsing offers a tad different experience, compared to Safari browser. Safari adopts a zoom-out-flip-select-zoom-in approach whereas Opera Mini offers, well, tabs.

On Safari browser, the maximum number of tabs open at once is 8. For Opera Mini iPhone app, the maximum total tabs I managed to open is 38. Maybe that’s the maximum tabs, set by Opera. Maybe, it’s because with more tabs, the add-tab section becomes narrower until it becomes the untouchable zone.

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Maxis Unveils Its Platform Play

Maxis, leading cellular provider and exclusive iPhone distributor in Malaysia, just launched its mobile applications marketplace, 1Store Developer Sentral. The 1Store (the name most likely aspired by 1Malaysia) will feature Java/Symbian-based mobile applications. Developers (individuals and companies) can now register at here. And the applications are available to over 11.4 million Maxis and Hotlink subscribers. Maxis is using its existing billing infrastructure to charge subscribers for downloading applications from 1Store. It is opening up its billing APIs to both purchases and in-app micropayments. Developers will then get paid via funds transfer (for local developers) and TT (for foreign developers).

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Top 5 Moments of Maxis iPhone 3G Pre-Launch Day

yellotextMaxis Communications Bhd, Malaysian’s largest mobile communication provider, yesterday announced the launch date of iPhone 3G in Malaysia. Leading up to the announcement, Twitterville is abuzz with chats on its pricing plans and other issues.

If you’ve missed the fun on Twitterville yesterday with #iphonemalaysia, here the Top 5 interesting ‘moments’ of Maxis iPhone 3G Pre-Launch Day, spotted on Twitter (and elsewhere on the Web).

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