Wreck-It Ralph Director Shares Behind The Scene Tidbits On Quora

Rich Moore, the director of Disney’s latest animated flick, Wreck-It Ralph, gets on Quora to answer some interesting questions about the movies. From his answers, we get to learn how his team managed to get licenses for all video-games characters appearing in the movie, the meaning of story watchdog, and his advices for aspiring film makers. I’m sure Director Moore will share more interesting insights on Quora in the coming days.

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Quora engineers accused of vandalizing a clone’s website

It started with a question, Is Qato a serious Quora clone attempt? Wait, what is Qato? On its Twitter profile, Qato is described as enterprise Q&A system, developed by DZone. It allows users to switch effortlessly between Quora, OSQA and StackOverflow themes.

Qato, the Quora look-alike

One of Quora engineers poked around the Qato website and discovered security vulnerability. He described his methodology:

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