8 Excellent Tools to Extract Insights from Twitter Streams

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Twitter is now the third most popular social network, behind Facebook and MySpace (Compete, 2009). A year ago, it has over a million users and 200,000 active monthly users sending over 3 million updates per day (TechCrunch, 2008). Those figures have almost certainly increased since then. With the torrential streams of Twitter updates (or tweets), there’s an emerging demand to sieve signals from noises and harvest useful information.

Enter Twitter Analytics, or simply just Analytwits (in the tradition of Twitter slang). These analytics tools are growing in numbers; even Twitter is developing them.

Besides Twitter Search, the following 8 Analytwits are some of the more useful web applications to analyze Twitter streams. Each of these tools serve specific purpose. They crawl and sift through Twitter streams; also, aggregate, rank and slice-and-dice data to deliver some insights on Twitter activities and trends. There’s no single best analytic tool available but use in combination, they can extract interesting insights from Twitter streams.

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A Walled Garden for Singles-Only Named Eteract

EteractEteract is a social app for singles and positioned itself as an online activities site for singles. Eteract provides a social platform designed and refined for singles to find their love match and interact with one another in a safe and fun virtual environment. In contrast, social networks like Facebook, Friendster and MySpace provide laissez-faire context for social interactions.

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Twitter-like Microblogging to the Fore at Facebook

Facebook is tweaking yet again. For the past one month, the global social network leader has made several changes to its interface. Some of the key changes include:

  • July 21 2008 – New design interface
  • July 31 2008 – News feed with filters (more here)
  • August 06 2008 – Wall with filters and activity streams import from other services (more here)

The latest Facebook interface redesign involved the inclusion of Status updater on the ‘dashboard’ page. Previously, users have to go to their Profile page to update their status (for previous design layout, see here). The Status updater is prominently positioned at the top left of the landing page, just above the News Feed section.

With this latest upgrade, it seems the grandiose plan of Facebook is:

To synergistically combine profile-centric social network with FriendFeed’s streams integrator, Twitter’s microblogging and third-party applications, in order to organically generate value (and wealth).

New Status Update at Facebook

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The New News Feed at Facebook

Facebook Logo Facebook‘s News Feed is getting ‘richer.’ The News Feed section is where your friends’ activities on Facebook are being displayed. Now, News Feed comes with filters, namely “Top Stories“, “Status Updates“, “Photos” and “Posted Items.”

Top Stories are displaying the latest activity streams of your friends (similar to the ‘old’ format everything-in News Feed). “Status Updates” displays your friends’ status updates; “Photos” consolidates the latest photos uploaded and “Posted Items” for posted links. Below are the screenshots of the News Feed before and after the tiny facelift:

BEFORE screenshot July 21 2008

AFTER screenshot July 31 2008

You can comment of every activity stream on Top Stories, Status Updates and Posted Items (no comment on Photos). This comment-ability feature is mimicking FriendFeed. Will Facebook soon allow other social-streams (e.g. Twitter and Flickr) to flow into its walled garden?

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