The Anatomy of #EveryoneConnects

connections_tmToday is the finale event of the Everyone Connects campaign by Telekom Malaysia (TM). The campaign revolved around a song titled Through My Window, performed by a local indie band, Bunkface. The song was released on October 19 2009 as a mystery song over the airwaves. During the past 1 month, it generated thousands of mentions on the social media space and also generated over 6000 user-generated versions of the song (audio and video). This campaign is both ambitious in scale and expansive in scope, designed to deliver a fresh narration to the TM brand. When it started, I predicted Everyone Connects as a social media campaign but it also involved the use of traditional media like TV, radio and newspapers. It delicately weave the online and offline activities to create a seamless brand experience. It involves several notable ‘firsts,’ in terms of tools and methods used. Anyway, here are the key moments of the Everyone Connects campaign:

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Game On: A Peek Into Online Games in China

chinesegamesChina is probably today’s most vibrant online games market in the world. The Chinese online games market with year-on-year growth of 39.5% in Quarter 2 2009, to $906 million. Tencent Holdings is the market leader with 20.2% market share, followed by Shanda Games with 20% and with 12.7%. (Source: Analysys International)

A recent New York Times article outlined the upside of global online games and described how Chinese game makers are expanding beyond China and outmaneuver industry’s heavyweights like Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard in the online space. The global online games set to explode, with revenue expected to reach $13 billion in 2010; China to capture more than 40% of the global online games market by 2011 (Samsung Securities). Typically, these online games are free to play; revenue mainly from micro transactions i.e. players buy weapons and accessories to advance faster to new levels. This is in contrast to the subscription model of the online games from Europe and United States. Chinese games makers are poised to benefit from the proliferation of broadband usage and slowly-but-surely shift toward online gaming.

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Twitter vs Facebook Face/Off For #EveryoneConnects

face-offEnd of Day 3 for EveryoneConnects, the website has more than 18,000 visits (as mentioned on its Facebook Page). It started on Monday with a mysterious song ‘Through My Window’, being played over the airwaves. The following day, it made the headline in The Star newspaper. Day 3, blurred images appeared on the website; likely the band singing the song.

Its Twitter account @every1connects with 184 followers; averaging 61 new followers per day over the past 3 days. The two key hashtags used are #ThroughMyWindow and #EveryoneConnects with the following stats:

  • #ThroughMyWindow: a total 236 tweets from 154 contributors carrying the hashtag; averaging 33.7 tweets per day. And 10.6% are retweets.
  • #EveryoneConnects: a total of 243 tweets from 165 contributors; averaging 34.7 tweets per day. And 5.8% are retweets.
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Through My Window, I Can See A Silhouette of A Social Media Campaign

EveryoneConnectsA Green Day-esque song played on radio this morning, titled Through My Window (click to play), with artist name undisclosed but DJ @rudyculously mentioned a website address, On the website, there’s not much information except the MP3 file of the song (available for free download), together with the song lyric. Its “What’s the Buzz?” box is displaying Twitter updates stream. Also, there are links to its Twitter, Facebook and Friendster profile pages. And this phrase is seen at the bottom of the page, “Everyone Connects is about getting people to communicate & collaborate because when everyone’s connected, anything is possible.”

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