Quora added Posts, a microblogging feature

Quora just launched Posts, a microblogging feature (sort of). Quora is a Q&A site, popular for its quality contents and high-profile users (partial list here). With Posts, Quora users can now post messages, news and announcements to their Followers. You can post the message either from your profile page (‘Share your knowledge’ box) or click the “Post a message to your Followers” link on the landing page. Once posted, the message will appear on the updates stream of your Followers with links to your profile.

According to Adam D’Angelo, co-founder of Quora:

Posts are like answers without a question. They are useful for sharing knowledge or information that doesn’t fit into the question/answer format.

On how Posts are being distributed, he explained:

  • Normally, a post will be shown to all of your followers (the same way an answer you wrote would be).
  • If you put topics on your post AND set the visibility to “topic followers” then the post will only be shown to your followers who are also following a topic on the post.
  • If someone votes up a post, it will be shown to all of their followers.
  • If a post is really good, a topic admin can set it to be distributed to everyone who is following certain topics, regardless of whether they are following the author of the post. In the future, there may be an automatic system to do this based on the votes given.

Share your Knowledge on Quora

A Post in Stream

Now, your Quora updates stream will contain – (i) activities by the people you follow, including asking / answering questions, following questions, and upvoting questions, (ii) topics you are following, and (ii) the latest addition – Posts by the people you follow and their upvotes of others’ Posts.

This certainly further enhance the usage value of Quora, as it combines its thriving Q&As community with blogging / live updates feature. Compared to Twitter, Quora offers a more structured approach when it comes to sharing of knowledge.

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