Want free online legal forms and guides? Have a Smokeball

Ask any law student if the name Smokeball rings a bell and he or she will tell you about an old landmark English court case called Carlill v. Carbolic Smoke Ball Company, about misleading advertisements. Well, there’s nothing misleading about the online services provided by Smokeball Malaysia, which was launched in Malaysia in January 2010. An offspring of Smokeball Australia (which commenced operations in 2008), Smokeball Malaysia provides legal practitioners (aka lawyers) with practical, affordable and up-to-date legal practice guides and precedents, as well as free legal forms. According to them, these online guides are updated regularly and gives legal practitioners access to the most up-to-date precedents and guidance 24/7.

Registration is a pretty simple affair. Just key in your email and desired password and you’re ready to go.

At present, Smokeball Malaysia boasts of having over 700 free legal forms (ranging from court forms to company forms) together with an increasing number of Legal Practice Guides and Precedents. These guides, unlike the legal forms, require subscription (the user has the option to choose between a month’s subscription or an annual one, both of which are affordable) and according to Smokeball Malaysia “are authored by practising, qualified lawyers who are knowledgeable in their chosen area of law.”

Currently only guides on Conveyancing & Property and Wills, Estates & Powers of Attorney are available for purchase (with options for one month subscription and 12 months subscription) but will be updated as and when new content is available.

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