RM50 Million 1Malaysia Email to provide official virtual ID for every Malaysians

The Government of Malaysia announced the 1Malaysia Email project, as part of its Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). The project will provide unique email ID to every Malaysian citizens who are 18 years and above.

The total investment of this email project is RM50 million by 2020. It will be spearheaded by Tricubes Bhd, in collaboration with Microsoft. The project will use Tricubes’ FUSION, which the company describes as “a middleware platform that provides a unified infrastructure to enable the implementation of applications based on the usage of smartcard and biometrics” and m2e (Mobile to Enterprise) middleware – “provides a messaging framework ( middleware ) for system integration by providing adapters that can interface to different back-end system platforms. The system connects to Microsoft Windows Live environment.

Basically, the project is a large-scale portal development providing services like email, social networking, and online bill checking / payment. These services will be accessible via PCs, notebooks, smart phones and tablets. It also provides development toolkits for others to create applications on its platform. The portal aims to become a hub for government services and it is expected to roll-out in July this year.

The ETP website (accessed April 19 2011) wrote: The platform will create a unique and secure communication portal in enhancing the efficiency of direct engagements with the Rakyat. A personal dashboard for government services, that’s the vision and it maybe quite compelling. BUT the road ahead is filled with implementation and adoption challenges. By the way, the vision of MyKad, as the all-in-one card, was compelling too when it was announced in the late 90s.

The RM50 million question: How can the 1Malaysia Email project benefit Malaysians? See Update 2 below: As the 1Malaysia Email project is fully funded by private sector, a major chunk of the estimated RM50 million investment will come from Tricubes Bhd. I wonder what’s the business case built around this project. Similar to MyEG Services Bhd?

UPDATE 1: After this article is posted, @etp_roadmap this:

If it is not compulsory, then the Government will have a massive task of convincing Malaysian citizens to sign-up for the service. If you build it, will Malaysians use it? What are the compelling reasons for Malaysians to use the service?

UPDATE 2: Posted by Prime Minister Mohd Najib Tun Razak (@NajibRazak) in the wee hours of April 20 2011:

UPDATE 3: Further clarifications by Dr. Fadhlullah Suhaimi Abdul Malek, Director of Communications Content and Infrastructure, Business Services NKEA, PEMANDU via @etp_roadmap on April 20 2011:

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