foursquare, Quora, Reddit and more hit by downtime; Amazon EC2 breakdown

Q&A siteQuora is already down for almost two hours now, since 4:25pm (GMT+8). And blame it on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Not only Quora, location-based social network foursquare and social news site Reddit websites also affected by Amazon EC2’s service disruption.

AWS Service Health Dashboard showing EC2 (North Carolina) experiencing service disruption (screenshot as of 6pm GMT+8). According to this comment on Hacker News:

From EngineYard: “It looks like EBS IO in the us-east-1 region is not working ideally at this point. That means all /data and /db Volumes which use EBS have bad IO performance, which can cause your sites to go down.”

AWS Service Health Dashboard (accessed April 21 2011, 6:08 pm GMT+8)

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