Japanese Gaming Giant DeNA To Co-Develop Mobile Social Games With Malaysia’s Terato Tech

Malaysian mobile games company Terato Tech has signed a co-development agreement with Japanese gaming giant DeNA Co., Ltd. at the Casual Connect Asia 2012 event in Singapore.

DeNA operates Japan’s leading mobile social games network, Mobage (pronounced moh-bah-geh) which has over 35 million users and more than 1800 games. DeNA’s main competitor GREE just announced open beta release of its global mobile social games network. No surprise DeNA has been busy extending and expanding Mobage outside of Japan.

In August 2011, the company setup DeNA Asia Pacific to strengthen its development capabilities in the Southeast and South Asia region. In addition to developers acquisition, DeNA Asia will also focus on the localization of the global edition of Mobage. In September last year, DeNA bought a game studio in Vietnam. Then in November 2011, the gaming giant signed an exclusive agreement to bring Vietnam-based VNG’s social games exclusively on Mobage platform.

Terato Tech Founder / CEO Reza Razali shaking hand with DeNA Asia Pacific Managing Director, Tetsuya Mori

For Terato Tech, this partnership will enable the company to tap into Mobage’s expertise in game design, analytics, and monetization. In addition, it also offers new distribution channel for the company to market their games, by making them available on Mobage Platform – Global and Asia.

“We are pleased to be collaborating with DeNA, a leader of mobile social gaming company in Asia,” said Reza Razali. “We are also very excited at the vast commercial potential of the Mobage gaming platform, with its highly engaged user base.”

He added, “This is the first business collaboration between a Malaysian company and DeNA, one of the largest mobile games companies in the world. I’m sure this will indirectly enhance the image of Malaysian mobile games industry in the global arena.” Both companies will kick-off this collaborative partnership with a development of card battle games for Mobage.

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